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Power Integrations LED GU10

Power Integrations has announced a chip for incandescent light bulb replacement, which includes the challenging GU10.

The LYTSwitch-0 family implements a single-stage non-dimmable non-isolated topology for loads up to 10W.

“Two stage is unsustainable in terms of cost. A LYTSwitch-0 design has about 13 components…

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Power Integrations mains LED driver 90% efficient

Power Integrations has introduced a range of single-chip mains LED drivers for loads between 2.5 and 50W with +/-5% current regulation. Called LYTSwitch, the devices can be wired for isolated and non-isolated operation. “LYTSwitch delivers tight regulation and high efficiency for tube replacements, high-bay lighting and…

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Power Integrations LED driver is 88% efficient for 100W bulb replacement

Power Integrations has introduced a reference design for an 18W non-isolated A19 LED driver that is 88%-efficient, writes Richard Wilson.

The design is intended for a 100W incandescent bulb replacement and will support low-line (90 VAC to 135 VAC) operation.

“The lighting industry typically asks for 80…

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Power chip for 75W LED lighting

Power Integrations has introduced chips for mains-powered LED lighting up to 75W. The single stage design has both power factor correction (PFC) and a constant current regulation, and is aimed at high-bay, car park and street lamps. There are two devices: LNK410EG (dimming) and LNK420EG (non-dimming), plus…

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