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Luxeon boosts the output of its colour power LEDs

Lumileds has increased the output of its colour power LEDs. In the firm’s Rebel package, the devices are designed to be operated at up to 700mA. Within the range, red and red-orange are AlInGaP diodes, whereas all the rest – including amber which is traditionally also AlInGaP, are InGaN…

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Seoul aims for 150 lm/W mains LEDs

Seoul Semiconductor will be mass producing 150 lm/W mains voltage ‘Acriche’ LEDs by the end of the year, claims the firm. It is putting 100 lm/W devices into production this month, writes Steve Bush…

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LED MUSEUM have a look in to the dark ages

Although many people are new to the world of high power LEDs, it’s actually nearly 10 years since the first Luxeon high powered LEDs appeared on the market. If you want to see the evolution of LEDs from humble indicator to main stream lighting potential – visit the online LED…

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