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Most read LED Luminaries posts in October

Here is a quick list of the most popular LED Luminaries posts in October. Check out what your peers are reading. Popular posts include street lighting, OLED displays, why LEDs can not rival halogens, and LED PSUs… In reverse order: 10. 1W of infra red light from an LED 9…

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Using iPhone app to dim the LED lights

Check out a newly-uploaded in-depth article on LED lighting. It covers how to use an iPhone app to control and dim your home LED lighting. See Using iPhone app to dim the LED lights To be more precise, it describes the development of a two-wire home LED…

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Power Integrations LED streetlight design is 92% power efficient

Power Integrations has released an 92% efficient LED streetlight power supply reference design, reports our Technology Editor Steve Bush. For streetlights up to 150W, the supply has a fixed output voltage of 48V at up to 3.125A. Central to the circuit is the firm’s HiperPLC chip, aimed at…

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