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RGB lighting shield for Arduino prototyping

For prototyping, Infineon has a RGB LED lighting control shield for Arduino, based around its ARM Cortex-M0 XMC1202 microcontroller.

On board is something called a ‘brightness colour control unit’ which “ensures smooth, eye-friendly diming and colour mixing for different topologies in an expandable design, with DALI/DMX or…

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Look where 3D printing can get you

Not sure if this bicycle light has been made or is just excellent rendering of a CAD design.

Either way, the case it ready to be made in a 3D printer, and shows how straightforward making a prototype could be.

More information on Thingiverse.

Bet those heatsinks get warm after…

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LED bulb from Cree emits a 2,700K colour temperature

Cree has demonstrated an LED lamp to replace 60W light bulbs. The prototype is dimmable and emits an incandescent-like 2,700K colour temperature with a colour rendering index (CRI) “of at least 90″, claimed the firm. It delivers over 800 lm for under 10W consumption…

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Here’s one OLED product I hope we don’t see in the UK. Shown off by Samsung at CES, it’s the possible future of RF(ID) cards. The OLED screen displays a 360 degree rotating video of the owner’s head…

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Site update: Engineer in Wonderland and LED bike lights

Just to flag a couple of LED lighting blog posts – bicycle lights, to be specific. ‘Alice’ has posted a couple of blogs, on Electro-ramblings, on the ongoing Bike Light Project. See: An Engineer in Wonderland – The Mk V prototype takes shapeAn Engineer in Wonderland – LEDs and lenses – a reality…

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