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EBV signs distro agreement for Bridgelux LED lighting line

EBV Elektronik has signed a distribution agreement with Bridgelux which means it will sell the US-based LED lighting manufacturer’s products in the EMEA region, writes Richard Wilson.

“Bridgelux is providing high power, energy-efficient and cost-effective LED solutions. Our customers will be able to use Bridgelux’s…

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AS3661 drives nine LEDs on a power budget, says ams

An LED driver has been designed by ams which controls up to nine LEDs while saving power in LTE mobile devices because it operates independent of the baseband processor, writes Richard Wilson. Typically used for indicator lighting, the AS3661 allows command-based programming of all light patterns.

Three independent program…

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LED power drivers and tantalum polymer capacitors

A small LED angle on this one – AVX has developed what it claims is the first 63V and 75V single-anode tantalum polymer capacitors, writes Richard Wilson.

The capacitors feature reduced ignition failure mode, making them more robust and less likely to overload, said the supplier.

“These high voltage polymer…

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Sharp LED module is 50W HID halogen replacement

Ismosys has released details of Sharp Microelectronics 50W LED module which is capable of replacing traditional 50W HID halogen lamps in the same performance class, writes Richard Wilson.

The 50W Mega Zeni features a luminous efficiency of between 3590 and 4770 lm, a light output of up to 100 lm…

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Exciting times for the LED lighting market – Harvard Engineering

This is an exciting time to be in the LED lighting market, according to LED driver module supplier Harvard Engineering, writes Richard Wilson.

“It’s an exciting time to be involved in the lighting industry and we’re investing heavily to create in the research and development of our CoolLED…

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CEA-Leti NEOLUX work on French smart LED lighting initiative

CEA-Leti is working with NEOLUX to manufacture LED modules as part of a major LED lighting initiative in France, writes Richard Wilson.

The three-year project, known as MODULED, aims to commercialise the production of smart LED systems in France.

Leti’s LED lighting work has focused on the…

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Arrow Electronics adds Carclo Optics line of lighting products

Arrow has added the Carclo Optics line of lighting products in Europe and the rest of the EMEA region.

Slough-based Carclo Optics supplies a range of lighting products including lenses, reflectors, optics and modules. Carclo develops street lighting systems, among others, writes Richard Wilson.

“Following our numerous successful projects…

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Marl launches LED equivalent to MR16 halogen light

Marl has launched an LED equivalent to the MR16 halogen light, offering improved efficiency, writes Richard Wilson.

The 4.5W Citizen CL-L251 delivers 290 lumens of light output at a colour temperature of 3000K with good colour rendering “Ra85″, equivalent to a standard 20W MR16 halogen…

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Linear’s LT3596 drives up to 30 LEDs in a display

Linear Technology has a 60V, 1MHz step-down DC/DC converter which is designed to drive up to 30 LEDs in a display, writes Richard Wilson.

From a 48V input, the LT3596 can drive up to three strings of LEDs, each with up to ten 100mA LEDs in series, delivering…

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Diodes LED driver switches to tight current control

Diodes has employed new forms of current control in its latest LED driver ICs which it said is designed to increase the reliability of high brightness lamps, writes Richard Wilson.

The ZXLD1370 LED driver controller operates in buck, boost and buck-boost topologies…

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