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Osram and Hella join LED headlamp A Team

The German government has pulled together a team of expert companies to develop led adaptive headlights.

They are:
Osram – automotive lighting LEDs, control gear.
Fraunhofer IZM (Institute for Reliability and Microintegration) – interconnection and materials.
Infineon – automotive electronics and LED drivers.
Hella – optical system, headlamp structure, prototype build.
Daimler – vehicle tests…

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NXP chip for multi-colour LED modules aimed at car interiors

NXP has introduced a LIN bus interface chip for simple identical control nodes in cars that take their identity from their position in a daisy-chain – so called ‘node position detection’. Intended for non-critical multi-colour LED modules that the firm predicts will decorate the inside of cars (see…

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LED headlights in pole position

Two years ago, LED headlamps were in demand at motor shows, but xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) lights were brighter, and 99.9% of car buyers still got good old-fashioned halogen bulbs. Now LED headlamp technology has matured and caught up, although, thanks to banking crisis, almost everyone still…

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