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Wrap around Traffic Signals

Thanks to Techeblog for highlighting this one – an innovative use of traffic signals involving LEDs. It writes: Rather than install separate poles for traffic lights, why not put them on existing ones and/or trees? That’s the idea behind this clever design by Gisung Han, Hwanju Jeon and Jaemin…

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What’s the big deal with LED traffic lights?

Someone asked me this the other day, so I’ll share my answer as it involves some pretty impressive figures. London has over 5000 traffic intersections, each one comprising an average of 10 traffic signals, making  about 50,000 signals. If those were to be converted to LED lights, the…

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Explicit LED action !

Word of the Electronics Weekly LED blog has spread to my village, which is now obviously driving the hit rate up by thousands. It has led to suggestions I should spend more time in the pub instead of writing about LEDs – fair point, they should put WiFi in my local…

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