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Luminus 13 amp LED delivers 8W of ultra-violet

Luminus is shipping a high-power single-die ultra-violet LED, the CBT-90-UV, writes Steve Bush. It contains a monolithic 9mm2 die that that delivers between 7 and 9.1W of 405nm peak optical power at 13.5A forward current.

Life science, machine vision and curing are areas…

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Electronics Weekly – LED Lighting Guides

LED Lighting guides
Here in one neat package are some of our key LED lighting articles…


* Coloured LEDs


* Costing LEDs

* 50 year history of the LED

* Ensuring safety in LED lighting…

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Robotic plant has LED flowers

A bit of fun. This is what a robotic plant looks like, with (white and infrared) LEDs in the flower.

It’s name is Himawari (Japanese for sunflower) and its design has apparently been influenced by the motion pattern of sunflowers, with it reacting to human movements. The stalk is…

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Welcome to Electronics Weekly’s new LED lighting blog

Welcome, indeed, to Electronics Weekly’s new LED blog, featuring the development of LED technology in general and LED lighting in particular. We hope it provides useful, informative and entertaining content. Please feel free to contribute with comments on the posts. We’re delighted to have as bloggers four knowledgeable…

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