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162 lm/W at 25°C from Cree lighting LED

162 lm/W at 25°C from Cree lighting LEDCree is claiming 148 lm/W at 85°C (350mA) for its latest lighting LED, writes Steve Bush.

XT-E, as it has been named, will hit 162 lm/W at 25°C, it added.

“The XT-E LED more than doubles the lumens per watt of the XP-E LED family, in the same 3.45×3.45mm XP footprint,” said Cree. “By leveraging the XP footprint, customers can incorporate the XT-E in existing XP designs.”

148 lm and 148 lm/W comes from a 6,000K cool white it 350mA, 85°C, and up to 114 lm and 114 lm/W from 3,000K warm white.

These high bin devices may not initially be available in quantity

Cree made a comment about reliability testing: “Since the XT-E white LED is a successor product to XP-E LED, the application for ENERGY STAR qualification requires only 3,000 hours of XT-E LM-80 data, instead of the normal 6,000 hours.”

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