A guide to costing LEDs

A guide to costing LEDsOur Technology Editor Steve Bush has added anotherr to his series of ‘Big Guides’ to LED technology. His latest covers the issues of costing LEDs.

He begins:

Power LED makers have made great efforts to understand the needs of the lighting industry, resulting in a range of products which may look distressingly similar at first glance.

Seldom will only one LED fit a particular application, so even if bare minimum cost is the only requirement, designers will still have to ask themselves some questions to focus on likely candidates.

One of those questions has to be, which cost needs to be minimised: bill-of-materials (BOM) cost; ex-factory cost; life-cycle cost; or carbon footprint?

Along the way he considers issues such as efficiency, how you minimise the cost of LEDs in a product, arrays versus single die packages, and retrofits and new-build

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