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Edison Opto announces optics

Edison Opto has launched a series of TIR optics for its 3.6×3.6mm 700mA ET-3535 LED range.

There are six single lens types and ten multi-lens types (for three to 12 LEDs), with each type coming in multiple beam widths.

“For example, the narrow angle (12°) lens and asymmetric beam angle (17° and 25°) lens can be applied in wall washer as architectural lighting,” said the firm. “For track light and IR camera, Edison Opto provides 12°/25°/40° lenses which can be used with ET-3535 to achieve different optical effects.”

At the same time, Edison released a bunch of reflectors for its Zhaga-certified EdiLex spot light module, saying: “With EdiLex spot light module, the complementary reflectors can be applied in AR111, PAR30/38, spot lights and track lights as commercial lighting and indoor lighting.”

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