LED Luminaries

LED mushrooms, wine cellar, and slippers

led-mushroom.jpgWhat better time than a Friday afternoon to roundup some LED improbables I’ve noticed in the last week…

How about these LED Mushrooms, for example? Supporting a range of colours they are designed by Yukio Takano and powered by batteries, states likecool.com.

led-wine-cellar.jpgOr how about an artfully LED-lit wine cellar? It’s Gothic, don’t you know, with individual wine bottle holders and a transparent ceiling, and is the creation of Beckwith interior designs. You would find it in Franklin, Tennessee, reports inhabit.com.

led-slippers.jpgFinally, LED slippers anyone? A nice concept, highlighted by TecheBlog – they’ll cost you $40 from opulentitems.com. With a range of illumination of 20-25 feet ahead, they are each powered a lithium battery, and turn and then off when stepped on (a sensor only turns on the light when in darkness).

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