Good ideas with bad execution, or good execution of what should be bad ideas - an analysis of inferior, off-beat or malfunctioning products, and how other people's failures can help us design better stuff.

Made by Monkeys: Awesome Design Reviews

Rip Off Britain - Top Five Pieces of Useless Tech

I went back to the storeThey gave me four moreThe guy told me at the doorIt’s a piece of crap! [Neil Young - Piece of Crap] Let’s hope you didn’t get any of these gadgets in your Christmas stocking. Watching an episode of the BBC’s Rip Off…

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Silver fork and spoon iPhone stand

This bit of fun caught my eye over the weekend – an iPhone stand made from a silver fork and spoon. Trouble is, I don’t know whether to file this under Made By Masters or I can’t believe someone makes…. What do you think? They will set you back…

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Stairways to Heaven - update

Rippling Ribbon! Is this a staircase? Just a quick post – a Stairways to Heaven update – flagging these. Another contender for Made By Masters? According to, this design is constructed from 10mm thick sheet metal, by HŠH architects…

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The Black & White clock

Possible contender for our Made By Masters series, maybe? We’ve looked at faceless watches – twice – but there’s no apology for returning to the theme. Bascially, I agree with Alice, on Electro-ramblings – and favour a simple, direct digital approach to the matter. make it stylish and cool, and…

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Made By Masters #2 - The Motorola RAZR

Our new Made By Masters series looks at modern design classics in the making. The first was the iPod, and the second features a mobile phone… <cue drum roll> …the Motorola RAZR. Its astonishing sales, distinctive looks and small size, combined with reasonable(ish) functionality, earn it a…

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MIT Marks Start of the World Series

Renown for its pranks, hacks, the MIT community also puts on a great show of support for the Boston Red Sox — to wit this light display last night from the Green Building on Campus for the opening game of the World Series. The Red Sox went on to a record…

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A New HP Calculator for RPN Nerds

Today is a happy day for engineers everywhere. Well at least for those of us of a certain vintage. HP is introducing a retro model of its first hand-held scientific calculator, the HP-35, to mark the 35th anniversary of HP Labs and the calculator’s introduction. Least I…

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