Silver fork and spoon iPhone stand

fork-and-spoon-iphone-stand.jpgThis bit of fun caught my eye over the weekend – an iPhone stand made from a silver fork and spoon.

Trouble is, I don’t know whether to file this under Made By Masters or I can’t believe someone makes…. What do you think?

They will set you back $30 from ForkedUpArt – and come in different varieties – some made from spoons, some made from forks, and some both…

The person behind the product writes:

An idea that needed to happen. A companion on your bedside table, desk, table, counter, or wherever you store and charge your cell phone. This silverware dude is fitted to hold an iPhone, but can also hold various phones, iPods, music players, and all sorts of handheld tech gear. If you would like it to fit a special, just let me know some measurements, and I’ll make it work.

Thanks to for this one.

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