Supermarket Map is a Pain in the Neck


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  1. Ray,
    Leaflet maps for supermarkets? Bad idea!!!Because of the waste this will create. Just imagine how many people walk through supermarkets every week and only a fraction take a leaflet… And the fact that people tend to lose or discard leaflets. Also, supermarkets tend to change their layout every 6 months or so and you will need new leaflets.
    Supermarkets don’t really want you to know exactly where everything is because they want you to walk through every aisle thus increasing the chances of you buying something you do not normally buy. This is the reason why they change their layouts.
    And no you do not have super-powered visuo-spatial ability, you can read all the captions without changing the orientation of your head because you are a MAN. XD

  2. One could also use the technique that I used recently when visiting an unfamiliar town.
    I located a town plan, as it happens, on display outside the tourist information centre, and took a photograph of it on my digital camera. I then had a portable map that I could carry around with me, zoom is as required and orientate as appropriate. All this without the cost and potential waste of printing a paper version.

  3. Does my ability to read all the captions (or indeed upside down text) without changing the orientation of my head constitute some kind of super-powered visuo-spatial ability then? Surely the criticism is exaggerated. Since the presence of any map in the supermarket is a big step forward, I would suggest it’s a bit harsh to post this on “Made by Monkeys”. Of course, if they would print the map on small leaflets which could be carried away, not only would your correspondent’s criticism be nullified, but you wouldn’t need to memorise the map before you start shopping…

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