Warning: Mist Maker May Cause Local Pains

I bought this Chinese-made mist maker for Halloween from a mail order catalog, excitedly planning how I would awe party goers by creating “a magical mist from water in seconds” — or so the promotional material promised. Submerged in water as directed, the unit did not produce the highly anticipated effects –in fact, the centerpiece of my graveyard tableau looked more like a sad little gasping fountain that occasionally belched out a gush of liquid. As the evening wore on, it was surrounded by increasingly big puddles of water. To be totally fair, the mist maker did produce a modicum of entertainment with some rather scrambled English safety instructions View detailed instructions here.


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  1. Karen – sounds like the opposite experience that I had once…
    For one Halloween Party, we purchased a smoke machine, the kind that a local heavy metal band would use onstage. On the morning before the party, we tested the smoke machine, filling the apartment with creepy smoke. My friends and I then went our separate ways while the smoke died down in the apartment.
    30 minutes later, I am walking back from the foodstore, and notice 3 huge fire engines parked in front of our building, with lights, sirens, and dozens of people everywhere.
    I ran past the police downstairs, up to our third floor apartment, and was able to stop the firemen moments before they broke down our door.
    Luckily, the fire crew was just glad that there was no fire. They were impressed at our bar setup for the event – we invited them to the Hallween party, but none showed.
    So in my case, the poor execution was not on the design of the product, but on how I used it. Either way – money well spent on that smoke machine!

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