When Schematics are Useless

DEV-Monkey Editor Jon Titus posts a great rant on his blog about the lousy state of schematics that come with electronics development kits and boards, particularly when trying to print them out.

Having started a dev kit project earlier this year, I absolutely agree!

Writes Jon: “Most of the schematics I see fall into the “awful” category. Lines appear tiny, legends seem unreadable, and part numbers and pin designations look like smudges.  I use an HP LaserJet 1100 printer and it produces clear, clean diagrams from schematic-capture software.  But the schematic diagrams that accompany development kits or evaluation boards look more like bits of gray connected by what might be lines.  To me, these schematics are unreadable and thus, useless.”  Read more….

So can someone tell us– just why are they so bad?? And what could be done to make them better?


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