A Keyboard for Polydactylys


Jon Titus points us to a function on the Das computer keyboard: that might leave us ten-fingered folks scratching our heads:

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  1. Alex Hiley
    January 01, 2009 16:56

    You need a keyboard that can handle 12 keys pressed at once, for the everyday occasion when you get the message “xxx has encountered a problem and needs to close” followed by “would you like to send an error report”. I’ve found that banging your head on the keyboard relieves the resulting frustration less painfully than banging it on a CRT monitor and less expensively than banging it on an LCD monitor.

  2. Late Developer
    December 04, 2008 05:21

    lol Looks like the wrong picture was put on here, should have shown the ultimate edition :)

  3. Jim
    December 03, 2008 11:44

    Scratch my head ?
    What with ?
    My fingers are already overloaded with this keyboard.

  4. Rod Dalitz
    December 03, 2008 11:41

    Come on now, you don’t need one finger for each key you press. n-key rollover is good, usually you can press several keys, so what is a good number? If these guys happen to have an algorithm which happens to work with as many as twelve, that reduces the possibility of silly things happening, and does not deserve mickey-taking.
    regards, Rod

  5. December 03, 2008 11:19

    Please do not mock the DAS keyboard. I bought my DAS2 keyboard about two years ago, and I have never looked back. Sure its the most expensive keyboard I’ve ever bought, but…
    Its a work of art – my typing has less typo’s in it, my hands get less RSI – I put both these things down to the mechanical switch and the weightings of the keyboard.
    I’m very picky when it comes to my keyboard – I use it for > 9 hours a day between work and personal use. Other people hate it – they can’t handle the lack of letters (even though they probably could do it in reality).
    The only problem is, that on my keyboard, I have no backslash key – the keyboard is I believe a 101 key, not a 102 which people normally have (the default setting is for a 101/102 key keyboard. Where the backslash is on that diagram (above the return) I have a # key, and to get my backslash, I remapped the right windows key to \, which puts it in line with a Toshiba laptop keyboard…
    Anyways, I digress.
    Stop mocking these guys. They are awesome.
    Ps. If Das Keyboard read this, can I get a free keyboard? Thanks.

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