Boots Busted for WEEE violations

Sister publication Design News reports in its Lead Free Zone Blog that The Irish retailer, Boots, has the dubious honor of becoming the first company in the EU to prosecuted for violating the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, which aims to divert electronic devices away from landfills:

“The retailer pleaded guilty to charges brought against the company by the UK Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Boots officials admitted the company failed to post a notice in their shops alerting customers that the prices of electronic products include a contribution to a producer recycling fund that ensures old electrical and electronic products are collected and recycled appropriately. Boots also failed to include a notice in a newspaper ad that a contribution is made to the fund from add-on’s to the retail price. Notices in shops and in advertising is required by WEEE.”


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  1. Thanks to my colleagues at EW for correcting a few facts in this article: First, the company prosecuted is Boots Retail (Ireland) Ltd. Second, the EPA agency who took action is based in Ireland. My apologies for an MBM moment here.

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