Fake Flashlight: No Trace of Circuit Traces

fyqgic1tl5etomliny.medium.jpg A candidate for the fake shake-to-light flashlight hall-of fame. Note that the circuit board has no actual traces! See more examples at Instructables.

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  1. Mario
    July 13, 2008 00:21

    I bought four of those flashlights :
    Here is the scheme :
    The coil is NOT connected to the batteries ! and those are LR41 batteries cells and not rechargeable ones ! There is no rectifier ! And the coil is too little to feed the necessary voltage !
    So it is a simple battery flashlamp…

  2. Nels
    June 13, 2008 15:32

    I have one of these flashlights – the exact same item. I bought it at a swap meet where I ended up spending the night in a tent, and needed some quick portable light. Did you notice also that the “coil” is just for show, as is the “magnet.” The coil is only wrapped one layer deep – not enough to create any significant flux. Even if it did, as stated above, there is no circuit to use the current. The flashlight runs on three coin batteries. The “magnet” is just a slug of metal. It does not stick to anything. Caveat emptor.

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