Was Matt Groening Inspired by a CDMA Plot?

Besides loads of useful stuff over at www.microwaves101.com, the authors have posted what they call a “politically incorrect”  microwave slang glossary.  While it predictably features some of the usual crude and sophmoric lab humor, there’s a lot of amusing terms that will ring familiar to most engineers — myself included.


A Simpsons fan, I’m particularly fond of Bart’s Head: 

“‘Bart’s Head’ is the colloquial term for the waveform in the frequency domain of a CDMA signal as viewed on a spectrum analyzer. When operating correctly, it looks a lot like Bart Simpson’s head. Square sides, kind of choppy on the top. You might hear something like; ” I looked at the Bart’s head at the antenna port, and it rolls pretty sharply, I think the duplexer is tweaked



  1. That looks more like an OFDM spectra to me.

  2. It should have been “Italy”, of course. The keyboard was faster than my aging hand.

  3. There is indeed such a plug. It is CEI 23-16/VII and apparently used in Itally, Chile and parts of North Africa.

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