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Fakes & Frauds

Notice – iPods must be worn at all time…

iPods must be worn at all times

This one made me smile – it’s from “Fake Signs in London Underground” (#29). Fake, maybe, but the captured images are often all too true for those who have to travel on the tube at peak times. “If you don’t have an iPod… pretend to be asleep” Check out the section, there’s loads of good ones, my favourite being the ...

When Levelers Fail


                                                                                                         Thanks to Jon Titus another contribution to our photo gallery of cockeyed construction work — or is someone just having fun with photoshop?

Shake-to-Charge Flashlight Cheats By Using A Battery


<< Are there any real magnetic induction shake-to-charge flashlights out there? Phil Karras relates his run-in with some more flagrant fakes on his website: “I’m not saying that the flashlights were not worth the $2.50 I paid, but they were not as advertised. The flashlight box clearly stated in poor, but understandable English, that the flashlight did NOT use batteries, ...

Shake-to-Charge Flashlight is a Fake


Discover Circuits founder Dave Johnson found this broken solar powered path light near a railroad track. Like many engineers who find things and think the part might come in handy, he put it in his pocket. Upon closer inspection, he realized that instead of filling the 3-square-inches of available space with solar cells, the unit skimped, using four skinny cells ...

Hint: If You Want to Pirate Software, Use Spellcheck


On a trip to Shanghai to research an article on “fakes,” I walked into the Xiangyang Market. Thirty minutes later and after some fierce haggling, I walked out with copies of Adobe Acrobat 3D, SolidWorks 2006, AutoCAD 2007, and PTC Wildfire. Total price: $22.00. Oh yeah, and I did snag a six season set of The Sopranos for $19.00. It’s ...

Bogus Bearings Look More Real Than the Real Ones


Figure 1: Click on the images to see why the real SKF bearing (left) actually looks less genuine than the fake (right). The counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags you can buy in China’s fake markets may fall apart on you quickly, but at least they won’t kill you. A phony bearing that doesn’t meet the technical specs could. A recent onslaught of ...