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Notice – iPods must be worn at all time…

iPods must be worn at all timesThis one made me smile – it’s from “Fake Signs in London Underground” (#29). Fake, maybe, but the captured images are often all too true for those who have to travel on the tube at peak times.

“If you don’t have an iPod… pretend to be asleep”

Check out the section, there’s loads of good ones, my favourite being the official notice:

“We apologise that all apologies for the chronic overcrowding on this train are shallow and meaningless.”

Sadly this blue and white outline Priority Notice is all too true: “Priority Seat. Pretend to be asleep and they won’t ask you to move” See the website for all the captured images » Thanks to twitter for this one (@JonasAlmgren via @kevinmcdonagh)

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