A Dodgy Dishwasher and Really Dumb Excuses by a GE Repairman

dsc00604.jpg Ah, the joys of building a new home! Jon Titus moved into his new residence a year ago, and reports that his brand new GE dishwasher still has some rather irksome problems: “We recently purchased and had installed a GE dishwasher, model GLD6500L00CC. In the photo you can see the curved side of the dishwasher tub. which is plastic, so it is quite flexible and easily goes out of shape. The edge of the cabinet is plumb. The local GE serviceman told me the bowing was most likely because the dishwasher is installed on a tile floor. Like GE NEVER did that before. Either we got a defective dishwasher or the original installers screwed it up. Oh, and after we fill the dishwasher, the door doesn’t close unless we jam it in place. The dish racks already shows signs of rust and the upper rack jams when we try to slide it back into the dishwasher. The latter problem may arise from the cockeyed installation. We’ll eventually buy a good dishwasher with a metal tub and frame. This one is junk. I’ll call GE again and again until they get it right.”


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  1. In early August 2007, Jon called the GE Repair center and had a visit from a technician who checked out the defective dishwasher. After trying to adjust it, he declared it a loss and said GE would replace it. Within a week, two GE technicians arrived with a new dishwasher. It took them about 30 minutes to remove the defective unit and install the new one. I’m glad to say the new one works well, the sides do not bow out and the door shuts properly.
    So, let’s make this an “Installed by Monkeys” rather than a “Made by Monkeys” contribution. No need to cast aspersions on GE when they firmly belong with the original installers–probably an appliance contractor hired by our builder.

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