FIAMM roof light entraps debris, permanently

fiamm-light-small.jpgFollowing on from the Heath Robinson aircon spotted by a reader, it was great to get another reader’s submission, this time on the subject of caravan roof lights.

Ian writes:

I bought a new roof-light for my trailer-caravan, after the last one blew away in a strong cross-wind. This one (made by FIAMM) has an aerodynamic design, a neat rotary control to open and close it, and a built-in fly-screen. When I say “built-in” I really mean “built-in” – it is not possible to remove it. There are  only two  ways to remove the dead flies, leaves and other debris that blow in:

1. Completely remove the rooflight from the caravan (re-sealing with silicone when it is replaced)

2. Get a ladder and climb on the roof of the caravan, and, with the rooflight open, remove the debris by hand.


Good one, Ian. It traps the flies etc, but a bit more permanently than is desirable! You can’t have everything.

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