For a ha’porth of tar, the smartphone was lost…

The phone in question – the highly desirable HTC Legend – is seemingly let down by weak point, when it comes to the battery cover.

htc-legend-battery-cover-ii.jpgI love it when things go wrong people supply images of gadgets going wrong. Thanks to our own editor Richard Wilson for transforming the cloud of a disintegrating smartphone into a silver lining of a Made By Monkeys post!

The phone in question – the highly desirable HTC Legend – is seemingly let down by a weak point, when it comes to the battery cover.

Okay, it breaks off and you lose it, no big deal, you may say – as if breaking the sleek lines of a consumer gadget was not enough. Unfortunately the cover also (rather unbelievably) serves as an antenna! This means reception is lost as well as a bit of plastic… Not good.

This is a known issue – see, for example, – UK HTC Legend Owners Dissatisfied With Lack of Support Regarding Signal Issues

The main issue was that the antenna of the Legend was encased in a removable plastic battery door at the bottom of the phone, and most people tend to clasp their hand around this area of their device in everyday use: the evidence is already present for a serious design fault, by HTC themselves.

htc-legend-battery-cover-and-antenna-1.jpgYou can, of course, buy replacements on eBay, but it will cost you around a tenner..

One user of the XDA Developers Forum takes things further, with an issue with the inner battery clip:

“I need help..the little battery door/flap that clips into place which holds the actual battery in place and covers the SIM card (not the black battery cover/antenna) has broken!!.. Now whenever the phone drops or is handled rough enough to cause the battery cover/antenna to come off, the battery slides out of place and the phone turns off.. this happens multiple times throughout the day..i’m ready to throw this phone into the far reaches of this galaxy to say the least… if thats not bad enough, the little chrome peice that surrounds the sensor part of the optical trackpad on the front of the phone has fallen out .. it really takes away from the beauty of the phone!.. any idea where I can find replacement parts for these???.. used or new, it doesn’t matter …”

Have you experienced this problem? Or something similar where, “for a ha’porth of tar”, the ship is lost? Let us know….

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