This Staircase Not Recommended for the Faint-hearted!

staircaseredshoesa.jpgDavid Mery sent in this photo of a very original and peculiar staircaes in a Paris flat that he says is the first he ‘s encountered that requires that you off start on the correct foot! .

“At some point in time, someone decided to connect two flats partly above each other. The architect/staircase engineer (is there such a job?) tasked with this job had to fit a staircase in a very small space going from behind a door on a floor to a wall on the floor above. Not enough space for the common solution of the spiral staircase. The solution: a staircase where each step is cut for only one foot. It works in that it gets you between the floors. However, one doesn’t feel particularly safe as if you were to miss one step, you’d end up missing two.”

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  1. August 27, 2008 15:30

    Thanks for the info. Searching for “space-saver staircase” indeed brings several relevant results, however I’ve been in London for over 15 years and have yet to see such stairs here.
    br -d

  2. Alex Zivanovic
    August 27, 2008 12:41

    I’m surprised this is thought to be unusual – they are really quite common, even here in the UK, especially for getting into loft conversions. They are called “space-saver” staircases and are easily available from places like Screwfix.

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