Good ideas with bad execution, or good execution of what should be bad ideas - an analysis of inferior, off-beat or malfunctioning products, and how other people's failures can help us design better stuff.

I can't believe someone makes...

I can't believe someone makes... Holographic chocolate

I’m rather partial to chocolate, and holography is a bit of a personal hobbyhorse, so you can imagine my eye was caught by news stories about holographic chocolate!

Swiss company Morphotonix are the people who make this complicated confectionery, and apparently they can add the technology without altering the…

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I can't believe someone makes... Laser-guided beard trimmers

Not a fan of elaborately shaped facial hair (particularly on women). You can imagine the Philips BEARDTRIMMER Series 9000 won’t ever be on my Wish List.

Waterproof or not…. For £100, you can use the unique laser guide for precise symmetric results, says Philips: “The unique laser guidance system…

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I can't believe someone makes... Interactive pizza ordering tables

This is the shape of the future, and it’s pizza shaped. With a bit of Minority Report thrown in… Pizza Hut, with some help from the design and development agency Chaotic Moon Studios, has come up with an “interactive concept table” to facilitate more efficient and customisable pizza ordering…

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I can't believe someone makes... Internet connected egg trays

Don’t ask our Components Editor, David Manners, what he thinks of the Internet of Things, unless you want a brisk brush off (IPA – increasing prevalence of automation – would be his preferred acronym).

This product is unlikely to win his affections either – an interesting IoT device that counts the number…

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I can’t believe someone makes… Wi-Fi kettles

You know the Internet of Things. Internet connected fridges and toasters and garage doors… Well how about the Wi-Fi kettle? Steamy IP! The iKettle , complete with an LED backlit control panel and four tailored temperature settings, can be cunningly controlled by your iOS or Android smartphone, and features user…

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I can't believe someone makes... Life expectancy watch

But at my back I always hear Time’s winged chariot hurrying near  [Andrew Marvell] You’ve got to smile at this one. It’s a “death watch” watch that tells you the time past, but also tells you how much time you have left. That’s right, a life…

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I can't believe someone makes... USB condoms

This is actually a good idea. Better to be safe than sorry, and you wouldn’t want anything nasty to happen when you stick your device willy nilly, here and yonder… The USB condom will cost you $9.99 and its creators write: We all have needs and sometimes you…

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I can't believe someone makes... LED toothpaste

How about toothpaste that reacts to daylight? So “the more you smile the whiter your teeth get”. Okay, but what has this to do with electronics? Well, take note of the LED attachment that shines on the paste as you add it to the brush, for pre-lightening!. “The BlanX…

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