I can’t believe someone makes… An LED messaging mouse

led-mouse.jpgI can’t believe someone makes an LED messaging mouse, with a fan, and a remote control.

But they do. The “USB Air Flow Mouse With Scrolling LED Message”, to be precise. Now you can programme your input device with personalised messages, as long as they are not more than 12 characters (which makes Twitter look voluble).

With a Product Code of MOUS000700 and a price of $35, they are available via www.gadget4all.com. They are, however, at time of writing, out of stock. There’s just too much demand. (Via www.coolest-gadgets.com)

“This is a USB Mouse with built-in fan to help to release heat when you are using the mouse,” writes the website. “With the innovative design, you can create your own message by the remote control and store it on the LED scrolling board inside the mouse and it will display it when the fan is switched on.”

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