I can’t believe someone makes… An electric guitar T-shirt

electronic-rock-guitar-shirt.gifWith a guitar T-shirt, you never know when inspiration will take you. Imagine strumming a little Paul Simon while sitting on a warm Californian beach, maybe, or just practising a few riffs standing in a cold bus-shelter waiting for the number 53 to Ponds End…

The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt will set you back $29.99, and you strum away by waving a magnetic pick over the strings…

guitar-shirt-chord-guide.gifThere’s even a mini guitar amp speaker that clips to your belt and, inevitably, the volume control goes past ten and all the way up to 11…

Product Features

  • Adjustable tone knob
  • Electronic components are easily removed from the shirt for washing
  • Includes two magnetic picks
  • Picks stick to speaker grill for easy storage
  • Requires 4 x AAA Batteries

av-connector-t-shirt.jpgA video of the guitar in action follows, but before we leave T-shirt technology, a quick mention for the AV-Connector T-shirt (right).

It would be a handy reference guide but – in a nice touch – all the details are only awkwardly accessible around the back… It’ll cost you $18 from Threadless.

Hold on…. is that someone on a drums-T-shirt in the background?!


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