I can’t believe someone makes… a nagging fork

hapiforkThe delightfully-named Hapifork, made and crowdfunded via Hapilabs, claims to be “an electronic fork that gives people the ability to closely monitor the way that they eat in real time and over a long period of time through statistical measurement”. It aims to encourage healthy eating, by flashing a light and gently vibrating if the user is eating too fast – one of the key indicators of over-eating. “In addition to monitoring ‘fork servings’ per minute per meal, the HAPIfork also stores data about a meal’s overall duration, the length of each ‘fork serving’, and the start and end time of every meal.” So this is a spook-fork that spies on you, embarrasses you by flashing the light and vibrating, then zaps all the embarrassing data to your phone so that you can torture yourself with your failure as you browse your app on the way home from work. It might shame me into getting thinner, but will it make me happy? On a positive note, for people who have to watch their diets for health reasons – those with diabetes, for instance, or anyone trying to monitor how much frail elderly people are eating – it could prove a really useful device. Sue Proud



  1. Like it, Wendy. And you could always try eating chocolate with the fork 🙂

  2. Hmmm, interesting idea – though it would be a real cop-out for me to blame my weight gain on my fast eating – especially as I lost weight not by slowing down, but by putting less on my plate to start with! Plus, you don’t eat crisps and chocolate and full-fat fizzy pop (or beer if that is your preference) with a fork…

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