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I can’t believe someone makes… A wooden MacBook

wood-macbook-1.jpgWho wood believe it, eh?

Books are made from paper and paper’s made from wood – I know – but who would make a MacBook carved from wood?

Full marks for craftsmanship to one Kyle Buuckner, though. And thanks to Cult of Mac for highlighting objet d’art.macbook-wood-2.jpg It writes:

Buckner constructed the casing out of wood, routering all the corners and then priming, sanding and painting the pieces white. The hinge system replicates the real Mac’s and is fully constructed out of hand cut MDF wood.

After he painted the pieces, he used a pencil to add the fine details. He drew the screen and full keyboard and penciled in every tiny phillips head screw at its location.

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  1. July 27, 2009 17:48

    I can’t believe someone makes… Wi-Fi detector baseball caps

    This time, I can’t believe someone makes Wi-Fi detector baseball caps. Where to begin? How about with the fact that you can’t see the signal strength indicator up on your own bunce… you’d have to take it off to look at it in your hand. Doh!

  2. Rob.B
    June 04, 2009 16:10

    In no way should MDF be considered wood! MDF = Medium Density Fibre board, generally used to make “cheap, wood like” furniture.
    This truly is an item for the saddest of the sad!

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