I can’t believe someone makes… CPU Wars Top Trumps

This one made me smile – memories of Top Trumps in the playground in the 1970s came flooding back…

cpu-top-trumps.jpgThis one made me smile – memories of Top Trumps in the playground in the 1970s came flooding back…

Sports cars, or ships, or lorries, or tanks were the popular types of topics, if I remember correctly. Well, the kids of today can play the computer processor variety – featuring 30 CPUs “that had an impact on desktop history”…

Of course, it’s a bit of fun, and I quite fancy seeing the cards myself. I hope ARM are represented (lowest power, largest sales?…) – from the graphic you can see MIPS are in there (for the RS3000). What processors would you expect to see listed as a classics?

cpu-top-trumps-2.jpgThe website writes:

CPU Wars is a trump card game built by computer geeks for computer geeks. Volume 1.0 has 30 CPUs that had the greatest impact on the desktop history. Important specs for each CPU are on each card, including things like maximum speed achieved and maximum number of transistors. During the game the deck is split between the players (best with 2-3, but up to 6 can play) and each player picks a category that they think they have the highest value card for. It’s a lot of fun, a bit of strategy, and a nice short game to play over a cup of coffee with your favourite IT guy or gal.

The spec fields actually available are:

 * Max Clock Speed
 * Max Bus Speed
 * Year launched
 * Transistor Count
 * Data Width
 * Manufacturing Process
 * Die Size
 * Max TDP
Hilarious. Can you imagine the game “Err, for this one I’ll go for Manufacturing Process. I’ve got 90nm, what have you got?”  
It will set you back ten online dollars from ThinkGeek.

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