I can’t believe someone makes… CataCombo Sound System coffins

catacombo-sound-system-coffins.jpgThanks to Robert H. for highlighting this one, a coffin with built in sound system and associated server, to ensure piped music throughout eternity… The CataCombo Sound System is made by Swedish company Pause and pricing starts from 23,500 Euros…. The associated CataTomb music server includes a seven inch display showing what’s currently playing six feet under. Nice touch. The odditycentral.com website writes:

The unique sound installation comes incorporated in a high quality coffin with “godlike comfort and angelic interior”, and features a pair of two-way speakers, tweeters, a custom-built 2.1 amplifier and “a divine 8-inch subwoofer fine tuned to the coffin’s unique interior acoustics”. And it gets better – the CataCoffin comes with matching CataTomb tombstone that has a built-in upgradable music server. Powered by a 2.5 GHz Intel processor, this unique piece of technology allows your friends and family to update your playlist through the Spotify music service, with the help of 4G connectivity.

The spec of the CataCoffin is:

  • Two-way front speakers
  • 4-inch midbass drivers
  • Wide range tweeter with external cooling
  • 8-inch sub bass element
  • Custom built 2.1 amplifier
  • T-class stereo amplifier
  • Tripath Class-T Digital Power Processing™ Technology
  • SP Output R+L (4 ohm): 2x15W
  • Output (8 Ohm): 2x10W
  • Sub bass amplifier 50W RMS with SP output 80/120W
  • Frequency range: 22Hz-20kHz
  • Signal/noise ratio: >98dB signal
  • Acoustic absorption factor ap= 0,65-0,95

And the CataTomb (think headstone) is:

  • Performance-upgradeable music server
  • 7-inch TFT-screen
  • 2,5 GHz Intel Core processor
  • 4 GB 1600 MHz HDD
  • Wireless 4G internet connection

The owner of the first manufactured model of the CataCombo Sound Systems is apparently Pause’s own CEO, Fredrik Hjelmquist. You can of course specify your own play list for the coffin, the CataPlay, but – surely this is a mistake – friends and relatives can also add songs of their choice! Just imagine if a “friend” chose the Spice Girls, or Kiss, or Chris De Burg. The list is endless… You could be (not) listening to Lady In Red for all time! Check out the video below from YouTube (and I like the hashtag – #hifi4ever)

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