I can’t believe someone makes… Faceless watches [Part 3]

Dawn of the Twilight faceless watch


I’m not obsessed with faceless watches, honestly. It’s just a very rich seam…

Following our first post on the Diesel DZ9044 blank face plate, and our second on the equally disconcerting Kisai Denshoku and Kisai Sensai models, check out this cryptic collection. I can’t believe there are so many “faceless” watches…

Fancy the Seahope Barcode LED Watch (pictured above), from japantrendshop.com? Yours for only $249? It is described as “a cool vertical face with an innovative audio equalizer-esque display that’s impossible to read if you don’t know the code”. Excellent. Different colours represent different combinations of minutes and hours.

lines-led-watch.jpgOr could I interest Sir in these even more disconcerting displays, the Lines LED design (see right), just $281 from the same online establishment? Again, the orange lights represent five-minute intervals, the red single minutes and the green represent hours. Got that? Well, what’s the current time in orange, red and greens?

Or how about a Tokyoflash Fire watch (below)?

By now you know the drill. “Created from a fusion of plastics carefully wrapped around a solid, seamless sheet of highly polished stainless steel, Tokyoflash Fire features a new formation of multi-colored LEDs and is a lightweight design, built to last,” says the website.

twilight-watch.jpgFinally, the pick of the befuddling bunch – how about a Twilight Watch (right) for $119.99? I quote:

Between daylight and darkness, twilight is constantly changing from dark to light as the the sun slowly fades away. This beautiful natural phenomenon is reflected every second in the Twilight Watch. The face fades from light to black and back every 20 seconds, reminding us of the ever changing evolution of time. The optical effect is created using two polarized disks that rotate with the seconds.

Again, I ask a simple question? What’s the time?!




  1. Well spotted, Chris. Funnily enough, our Technology Editor, Steve Bush, also picked up on the “20 seconds”. I don’t think, though, I will be acquiring this particular timepiece whatever the fade period.

  2. Twilight watch. – I read the 20 secs fade from light to black and back and thought “How?” and then “This can’t have been written by an engineer”. We must be talking 180 degress rotation for each cycle unless they have done something really clever with polarised light. Sure enough, the video shows a 30 second cycle time!

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