I Can’t Believe Someone Makes… Steering Wheel Laptop Holders

wheelmate.jpgI really can’t believe someone makes steering wheel desks, encouraging you to work or type while driving…

Available from for $24.95, they are.

Of course, like the In-car Pizza Ovens we featured, they are really meant for stationary use…. But my real reason for highlighting them is the imaginative comments, envisaging various usage scenarios, listed on the Amazon site.

My favourites include:

“I initially bought one of these to use my laptop on my 5 minute commute to work, but instead, I found it more convenient and productive to carve the roast beef for my lunch every day. I used to get up 3 minutes earlier to do this prior to taking a shower, now I just prepare my lunch on the way to work.. I get to work, and I’m much more relaxed and rested. What will they think of next?”

“This awesome bit of kit changed my life. The extra hours of work I could get in whilst driving on the freeway has made me so much more productive. In fact I directly attribute this to my improved bonuses and recent promotion! If you want to get ahead, get one of these.

There is one problem though. In several accidents that I have had whilst using this, the airbag causes the laptop screen to slam shut. I’ve suffered several broken fingers because of this.”

“I have some problems with this. First, it really needs a rubber coating or else the laptop slides off on curves or when you turn the wheel too fast. Second, when you park, you have to make sure your wheels are straight in order to keep it level, or stuff slides off again. And third, it pokes me in the belly. If I got in an accident while using it, the air bag wouldn’t be able to get around it and I’d end up with some serious damage.

Be careful how you use it.”

“I have been an avid user of the Steering Wheel Desktop since it was first released. Early on though, it presented one serious drawback: every time I had to navigate a hard curve everything would go in the floor, including my cheese wedge, bottle of Ripple, and netbook.”

“We also discovered that if you place a pillow on top of it and turn on the cruise control you can catch quick naps on the interstate.”

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  1. January 07, 2011 12:07

    Fair play, Heather. One person’s irrelevant gadget is another’s useful tool. We’ve often said that many of the ‘I can’t believe’ series are best-sellers. Which, of course, is why someone does make them! Many, but not all, mind!

  2. Skyeme
    January 05, 2011 23:07

    I love the idea of the voice recogition grocery list organiser – my daughter was born early and sustain a certain amount of damage to the brain , unfortunately it has affected her motor co-ordination and hence she is unable to write – this is a wonderful contraption that will assist with recording the things we need at home.
    Beside who keep paper on hand everytime you run out of things , so much easier to tell the gadget and then print it out weekly.

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