I can’t believe someone makes… Swarovski Crystal LCD TVs

mns-swarovski-crystal-lcd.jpgLike something from another era, this glittery, crystal decorated monitor blings its conspicuous consumption way to your attention.

And I thought the trend was to edge-lit displays, merging in with the picture. Not sparkly contrast.

With a screen resolution of 1,440×900 and a contrast ration of 50:1, this 19″ display also comes with an integrated Freeview digital tuner, and a built-in DVD player. There are also audio, D-sub, xscart, S-Video and HDMI connections. But I can’t get past the Swarovski “Crystal Elements”…

These would set you back £399 from marksandspencer.com, if there are any left from the (reportedly) 1,000 limited edition set.

Of course, if people are buying these beasts then it’s no wonder someone makes Swarovski Crystal LCD TVs…

Seen any particularly good contenders for this series? Love the crystal display? Leave a comment below.

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  1. April 20, 2009 14:58

    I can’t believe someone makes… A mobile phone shaver

    One thing the Moto Razr phone didn’t do – despite its name – was shave you. Well, this massive gap in the market is now to be filled…

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