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I can’t believe someone makes… Sling shot cameras

sling-shot-camera-1.jpgWhen you are photographing people do you want them all to look as if they are crouching, flinching or just have a hunted look in their eye? If so, then the “Sling Shot” camera is for you.

Thanks to Techeblog for highlighting this one. It writes:

Designed to be more of a novelty than full-fledged digital camera, the “Sling Shot” takes pictures by having you pull back on a string and then releasing it at the surprise of whomever your subject may be. No word yet on pricing or availability.

So, just point and shoot. By releasing the sling you will trigger the photo, of your subject taking evasive action, or just generally looking gormless, depending on the speed of their reaction.

It is a bit of fun, according to the designers Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim:

“Sometimes it is boring to have pictures which look just nice. Because people cannot express their feeling or own character naturally when they are conscious of the camera.

sling-shot-camera-2.jpgIt’s a clever idea. I’ll give it that, but there’s something slightly creepy, it strikes me – it’s not too many steps away from Peeping Tom territory!

[Via Yanko Design]

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