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I can’t believe someone makes… Three metre high iPod docks

aerodreamone-1.jpgAudiophiles can take things to the extreme, but how about this one? A 3.5m high iPod dock that requires its own, built-on step ladder to access the aforementioned iPod device… Welcome to the AreoDreamOne.

Oh yes, and it will cost more than $500,000, according to, for which you will get 10,000 watts of speaker power. And you have a choice of three colours: chrome, black and white.

The architect of this towering monument to consumer decadence is Jarre Technologies, and – in the tradition of I can’t believe someone makes… – the product is in such demand you will have trouble getting your hands on it (and your feet on it). writes:
Of course there is a built in ladder (just like my home stereo!) for those of us under 7 feet without a 30 inch vertical leap. And you don’t need to worry about knocking it over and breaking it since it weighs almost 900 pounds (damaging your half million dollar iPod dock is what we call “rich people problems” in the business). If you want the AeroDreamOne, get your name on that list now right behind me since there’s a 6 month wait.

According to Jarre, the spec is as follows:

  • Band-width
    • 25 Hz > 20Khz
    • +/- 6 dB 25 Hz & 20 Khz
  • Power
    • Total Power 10 000 W
    • 5 Channels amplifier
    • Low 1 x 4 000 W
    • Mid 2 x 1 600 W
    • High 2 x 1 400 W
  • Output Circuitry
    • UMAC™ full band-with PWM modulator with ultra low distortion drivers
    • 1 Subwoofer 18″ 460 mm
    • 2 x Coaxial Mid drivers 12″ 316 mm
    • 2 x Hi drivers 3″ 76 mm
  • Operation Voltage: 85 / 265 V ac
  • Frequency: ˜ 45-65 Hz


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