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I can’t believe someone makes… Tuna can alarm clocks

tuna-alarm-clock.jpgTuna? I like tuna pasta, and it’s nice in sandwhiches. I even remember once ordering a lovely tuna stake with rocket salad. But I find it hard to believe someone makes a tuna can alarm clock!

Are fish-based alarms more effective than other types? Does the tin can help the alarm tones resonate? Who knows, but the canning factory turning out this produce charges $7.95 a pop. One AAA battery is also required.

“Put a smile on your face every time you reach for the snooze button,” says the website, But that half-open tin looks a bit nasty to me. You could easily cut your finger. Shouldn’t have got past Health & Safety, if you ask me…

But, as with all the best ICBSM items, demand has in fact proved too great, and there is no longer availability of stock…

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