I can’t believe someone makes… Wi-Fi detector baseball caps


After the Tweed Karl Lagerfeld iPod Helmet, there’s more on the clothing-meets-technology theme. And they still don’t mix.

This time, I can’t believe someone makes Wi-Fi detector baseball caps. Where to begin? How about the fact that you can’t see the signal strength indicator up on your own bunce… you’d have to take it off to look at it in your hand. Doh!

Unless, of course, you are just serving a public interest, informing bystanders of the Wi-Fi signal strength in your location…

The glowing bars on the cap light up according to signal strength, and apparently the cap can sense 802.11b and g networks. Oh yes, and batteries are included.

Who makes them? ThinkGeek, for $14.999, if there are any still left in stock. Similar t-shirts are also available, for $19.99.

Still, I suppose the cap is better – from a fashion point of view – than a touch-sensitive bongo playing t-shirt

blue-tooth-dress.jpgAnd don’t get me started on Bluetooth-enabled dresses. See right, Sony Ericsson spokesperson Maria Sharapova unveils the prototype garment from one Georgie Davies.

Apparently the scales on the dress (just visible) light up when the owner’s phone is ringing.

Almost as bad as the GPS-enabled lingerie already discussed on our Tech Startup blog… Enough, already!



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