Impossible objects #11: The inside-out salt shaker

salt-side-out.jpgSilly, I know, but it made me laugh – the “Saltside Out” salt shaker. Thanks to Technabob for this one:

A clever handblown glass design by Jason Amendolara puts a glass void where the salt shaker would normally go, and the salt in the glass cylinder on the outside of the shaker.

You can buy these babies on for $13.95.

calf-creamer.jpgFor those who like detail, it is made from handblown borosilicate glass with silicone stopper, is 3.75in tall by 2in diameter, and was designed by one Jason Amendolara. Like it!

I notice they also sell a “Calf & Half Creamer” (see right), but it doesn’t quite do it, for me.

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  1. July 29, 2009 16:40

    Excellent, Steve! Another reader, Panda, also flagged Klein bottles – worthy of an entry of their own, I reckon. Cheers!

  2. Steve Cunliffe
    July 29, 2009 16:03

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