Impossible objects #21: Flying Carpet Sofa

flying-carpet-sofa-1.jpgHow about this as an Impossible Object? Worthy of an entry in Jacques Carelman’s Objets introuvables?

At first I was impressed with the Flying Carpet Sofa, but it is all in the angles. See the prosaic metal support and it all crashes to earth, as it were. The illusion is sadly, all too-plainly, revealed…

itamtam-docking-stool.jpgTecheBlog headlines it as “Flying Carpet Sofa Might be World’s Coolest“, but I’m not sure about the level of competition. What’s the coolest sofa you have seen?

When it comes to stools, however, there’s loads of competition  – see 12 of the Most Creative Stools Ever (I particularly like the shaving brushes (see below) and the “legs”…). Or how about the iTamTam docking stool (pictured right).


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