Impossible Object #36 – The bike without round wheels

bike-without-round-wheels-detail.jpgThe idea for our Impossible Objects series was originally inspired by the Catalogue of Impossible Objects by Jacques Carelman (a member of the College of ‘Pataphysics), which includes such items as conflicting cycles, flat chairs, and improbable writing machines. How about this one as a new entry? Thanks to Sue P for highlighting it, from LikeCool, which writes:

The bike with sprung steel wheels is designed by Ron Arad. Arad’s design ‘two nuns’ involves sprung steel arranged in tesselated forms for its wheels and is fully functional.

Aesthetically pleasing, maybe, but functional? The biker in the office, took one look and said it won’t handle corners, “no lateral stiffness – the wheels will just fold over, like Pringles crisps.” Okay, but if you don’t ever have to go round corners it looks striking, propped up outside a Shoreditch cafe, or the University Philosophy department maybe…

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