Cheap LED Necklace is no Halloween Treat

necklace1.jpgView lit necklace You know what’s scariest about Halloween? The avalanche of cheap seasonal merchandise (like the LED necklace shown here) that descends upon the stores around this time. This ever-increasing parade of gawdy, noisy schlock underscores just how low some companies have stooped by trading off any semblance of quality or actual fright-inducing gore in favor of tawdry, unrealistic special effects, To wit, just this weekend I saw on display an offensive rubbery-lipped, talking slug. A nasty piece of elastomer, IMHO.

So in the true spirit of the season, I couldn’t resist including this entertaining review of an LED Halloween necklace that Craig Johnson bought at Oriental Trading for $7.95. For starters, he says: “Several of the units out of the 12 purchased were nonoperational or even visibly broken; but this was somewhat expected of a very inexpensive product of non-US origin – sometimes known as the “Hoo Phlung Pu” brand.” Johnson, a self-described “LED nut” who runs the website, tests and evaluates LED-based products and posts his reviews here.

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  1. Paul Kilroy
    November 13, 2007 01:02

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