Gadget axeman riffs on smartphones-guitar

Wow! What do you make of this entry to our Homebrewed collection? A “guitar” made from smartphones, with the help of some drum sequencers and guitar apps.

The Belgian gadgeteer, steffest, writes:

Who said iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile don’t play well together? This is a free interpretation of Cracklin Rosie, played on 2 Android devices, 2 Windows Mobile devices and 1 iPod Touch.

The Piano and Drum sequencers are written by me, Pocket Stombox is used for the real time effects and the main instruments are the fantastic iShred and Guitar apps by Frontierdesign.

You can find more information on the phone-guitar on his blog.

On a similar(ish) theme, we go from Neil Diamond to Lady Gaga, and from Androids to iPhones: it’s Poker Face by the Applegirl… (with thanks to TecheBlog for flagging this one)

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