Hi-tech scope, low-tech stand

dso-nano-stand.jpgNow let’s be clear, we are not making fun of an excellent bit of kit. An Engineer in Wonderland previously highlighted the DSO nano, a pocket size digital storage oscilloscope. See – An Engineer in Wonderland – Neat tiny scope

He wrote at the time:

OK, it is limited to 1MHz and only has a single channel, but what a great piece of kit for fault-finding car alternators and simple audio problems. And it stores waveforms on a microSD card.

dso-clip.jpgThis pocket scope will set you back $89 online dollars. But if you want to buy the “Contemporary Minimalism DSO Nano Stand” it will cost you $50.00 $0.50. (“Save: 99% off”). I think the tongue must be firmly in the cheek.

I like it. Though, I may just raid my mum’s bag of clothes pegs, instead…

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