Now wash your face…

sink-running-water.jpgOver the years I seem have become a bit of a connoisseur for how sinks can frustrate the reasonable task of wishing to wash your face.

Either the design of the taps mean they are too large or misplaced, or the design of the bowl is completely impractical. Staying in a London hotel recently, it was definitely the case of the former.

It was a disabled-friendly room, but that doesn’t explain the back to front design. Pictured above, the taps have been operated to run the water. Pushing them outwards starts the water…

Now, to stop the water, push the taps back in. Doh!


The only way to be able to wash your face is with the water running. A set period of time, of course before the overflow will be required…

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  1. September 23, 2009 14:05

    I have always used a toothmug when brushing my teeth (it saves water, you know…) so I would end up having to dodge spitting over the handles! And if you really are disabled, then you would have even more problems trying to negotiate the sink once those handles were in the way, I suspect…

  2. September 22, 2009 15:39

    True, Mike! But clean teeth don’t always trump a clean face…

  3. Mike Meakin
    September 22, 2009 15:37

    But quite handy if you brush your teeth with the water running when the handles will be out of the way ?

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