Recall Corner: Hybrid car’s batteries threatened by coolant leakage

fisker-karma.jpgA US hybrid car finds itself reversing carefully into Recall Corner. The Fisker Karma is the motor in question.

Apparently – “in rare circumstances” – the car’s batteries could short-circuit due to coolant leakage from “misaligned hose clamps.” This could possibly result in a fire…

Engadget writes:

A battery issue previously thought to affect around 50 cars will actually result in the recall of 239. GigaOM points out an NHTSA notice confirming a problem with the positioning of hose clamps on the high-voltage Li-Ion batteries. It could result in said hoses leaking coolant into the battery creating the risk of an electrical short-circuit (still not seeing how this is a bad thing) and fire (oh), which the company will resolve by replacing the batteries.

According to the company:

Fisker is recalling certain model year 2012 Fisker Karma passenger cars manufactured from July 1, 2011, through November 3, 2011. within the high-voltage battery, certain hose clamps may have been positioned incorrectly during assembly. if positioned incorrectly, the battery compartment cover could interfere with the hose clamps, potentially causing a coolant leak from the cooling hoses.

It says it will notify owners, and dealers, to replace the high-voltage battery with a new part at no cost to the owner.

You can read the full statement from Fisker >>

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