Recall corner: IBM RDX Back Up Disk power adaptors

rdx-back-up-disk-hard-drives-adaptors.jpgOur occasional series is getting more regular. IBM is the latest company standing in Recall Corner, and there’s a power theme emerging….

The recall involves Big Blue and its RDX Back Up Disk Hard Drives. The associated power adapters, to be precise. Once again, there is a danger of an electric shock hazard.

About 90 units are affected, states the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Specifically, ” plastic weld on the power adapters can fail and allow two parts to separate, exposing live electrical contacts,” states the CPSC.

The problematic units were manufactured in China (by Hon-Kwang Electric) and sold by IBM authorised distributors and resellers in the US from January 2009 to July 2009, for between $330 and $760.

No injuries have been reported. You can read more details on the IBM website, from where replacements are being offered.

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  1. Nic Houslip
    December 03, 2009 22:15

    When I was in the electronics industry there was a hurdle that suppliers external to the USA had to overcome called UL certification. Similar to CE marking.
    Is it still required or is deemed non PC now?

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